Friday, March 21, 2008

Canoa Quebrada 2

We stay two nights and three days in Canoa.
On the lower level are the barracks and the sea.
I wake up early (5 AM) and take a walk by myself.

The fishing is still important

On Saturday night the party on the upper level stops at
about 3 o’clock then most people go to the barracks at sea.
At daylight the music stops, and people start to go home.

The sea level fluctuates about 1.5 m and when the ocean is "angry" it takes some barracks.
So some barracks are some meters up in the air.

The sun and the clouds fight, early in the morning and the sun almost always win.

And a hippy and his dogs make some jogging.

And in the middle of the praia is a small pond with a boat.

And a car in the middle of nowhere.

Some bars or restaurants

And a stairway to the upper level (the town)

The Freedom bar.

And later ordinary people come and play

and the fishermen will use their boats.

Stop on the way to Fortaleza.

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