Monday, March 3, 2008

Pricillas 14th birthday

Here in Brazil is almost every birthday holy.

People in all ages (0-80) come, and eat and drink.

Two meals, a cake and a lot to drink.

Like Coca, wine and whiskey.

In the ranch of Grace and Paulo.

When their daughter Pricilla makes 14 years.

Calm before the whiskey comes in


Grace and Johanni

Pricillas big sister

Pricillas friends

The woman who helps in the kitchen

A high politician; next president ?

Regina for once not smiling

Paulo, not so young any more.
When young he was a playboy.

Pricillas friends, hiding in the disco; they dont like photos

Grace likes party and wiskey

More than 70 and have a skin lika a teenager

The naigbor who helps in the kitchen, takes over the party sometimes

Trouble ?

The disco

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