Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lula and Zapatero

Lula is the president of Brazil.

And Zapatero was elected president of Spain, yesterday.

A week ago 30 Brazilian citizens was deported, when they tried to enter Madrid by air.

The explanation from Spain was that they didn’t have documents or money enough, to enter EU.

And that Spain has to follow the rules of EU.

The Brazilian tourists have to wait 3 days in Madrid airport.

With only cold food and not allowed to question, they felt treated like criminals and discrimination.

Almost only middleclass or rich Brazilian people go to Europe or USA.

Some day’s later Brazil answered.

They expulsed 5 Spanish citizens on a plane to Salvador.

With the same motivation; money or/and documents.

In the paper Globo of today, Lula told that he would call Zapatero and congratulate him for his victory.

Than he would ask Zapatero to tell the immigration officers in Madrid, to treat the Brazilian tourists with dignity.

Lula thinks the immigration officers in Brazil are treating the foreigners good, when coming to Brazil.

I don’t agree with Lula on the dignity of the Brazilian immigration officers.

All immigration officers have to be suspicious.

And the airports in Brazil works like most airports in the third world.

That is: Not very nice.

Wait in line for hours and meeting a stressed officer that don’t speak English.

The 3 worst countries for me are USA, Australia and UK, followed by Indonesia and Syria.

Especially now when almost anyone can be taken for a terrorist.


Tell us about . . . said...

Hello, Bernt,

I found your point of view very interesting cause you have been to the other side. Do you think that if the immigrant officers show more hospitality and moreover, know some English in Brazilian airports they would deal better with any foreigner as well as with suspicious people? Can they tell the difference without biased opinions or judgement?
Kisses, nice blog!

Bernt Karlsson said...

Yes I think so.

Like the new police “Ronda de Quarterao”.

Good looking young men with nice clothes and a good quality Toyota 4x4 car, with all equipment.

They radiate self confidence and seem to be service minded.

They help gringos, when they get robbed on Beira Mar, and some of them even speak English.

You can get their cellular number, and call them if you have problems, and they often come to you, in minutes.

And I have never heard anyone call them corrupt.

As I am married with a Brazilian girl, I have visited PF a lot for visa.

I find many of them very nice people, but their office (the new one too, on the airport) is not very inspiring.

I got married in 2002 and have not still received my permanent visa, so things are not resolved very quick here.

I remember 2-3 big planes from abroad entering Fortaleza airport at 3 o’clock in the morning.

And 3 immigration officers serving an enormous line of gringos and Brazilians, for hours.

I can understand that they cannot be very personal and welcoming, during this circumstances.

And if a gringo has some dirty business, he often goes by charter that is not so much checked.

But I appreciate the rule of letting old people and parents with small children, go first in line.