Monday, March 10, 2008

Crimes in Brazil 2

Persons who commit heavy crimes should be in prison.

In USA, one in every 100 citizens is in jail or prison.

Most young black men and in some states you really get a long sentence, at the third serious crime.

The logic is to take them out of circulation, and to prevent them from doing more crimes.

A big slice of the American budget goes to keeping jails and prisons running.

And there are reasons to believe, that there are as many criminals here, as in USA.

Here in Brazil half a million persons are in jail (one in 500 citizens). Most very poor people.

And one in 500 have been convicted in court, but for some reasons are not in jail.

And many teenagers, who know they never will go to prison, make a system out of crime.

The state of jails and prisons here are bad, and the people working there, have low salary and low status.

Corruption in the penal institutions and polis are high.

And few politicians feel the urge, to build more and better prisons.

And the law forbids people with education to get to an ordinary jail or prison.

If they have a good layer he can slow down the court, until its period of prescription (like 15 years) is over.

The other day TV told the story of a woman with 2 kids who killed a man, who has been threatening and beating her and her kids for years.

She had contacted different police stations 25 times, but nothing had happened.

So she changed her digital camera for a revolver and killed the man.

And will now spend many years in prison, far from her children.

And violence against women is just now one of the crimes with highist priority.

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