Saturday, March 8, 2008

Crimes in Brazil

New local police catches a thief. A car always in pair with a motorcycle.

Everybody knows that there are a lot of crimes in Brazil.

Buses with gringos from the international airport of Rio are stopped by highly armed thieves, and leave everyone with just clothes on.

Gringos get killed when they refuse to give up their sophisticated camera or cell phone.

The papers and TV in your country writes about how dangerous it is to visit Brazil, after every spectacular event.

So should you choose a less dangerous place for your holiday?

As almost all male gringos, on my first visits, I was out a lot in Rio in the night.

I got drunk and was walking in some of the most dangerous places in Rio.

Had some small incidents, most because I was drunk and stupid.

Sometimes, during my 4 years in Rio, I got close to a fight between police and criminals and heard bullets passing over my head.

And 2 out of 3 people, living in Rio have had a direct contact, with violent crimes.

And I chose to leave Rio for Fortaleza.

My wife has lost 4 cell phones here.

The last time was outside a shopping center, when she answered a call.

And all who use their new car a lot have insurance for theft.

And my wife’s sister’s 14 years old daughter got her old cell phone stolen yesterday.

She had her new one at home, and was happy because there was no violence.

But people cant stop living and working, because there are thieves around.

Since 2 months there is a new local police in Fortaleza.

They have a well-equipped car and have some fixed streets, to patrol.
And always in pair with a motorcycle.

People can call them with their cell phone, and they will often come in minutes.

And takes you around, and help you to find the thief and your things.

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