Thursday, March 13, 2008

The crises get deeper

Between Spain and Brazil.

Hope that Lula and Zapatero will get along well.

Spain has about 4 million foreigners in their country and its economy is now getting worse.

And the European countries by the Mediterranean Sea receive lots of people from Africa.

Young poor black men come in boats, to get a job and a better life in Europe.

Or to work some years and send some money home to their families.

Some years ago the agricultural industry and the “housing boom” in Spain needed a cheap workforce.

But now Spain and 26 other countries belong to EU, a political and economic community.

Reminds of USA but each country in EU, have more freedom than a state in USA.

All EU:s borders are guarded, and the Europol (police), gets more and more efficient, for every year.

So EU and USA deport illegal immigrants, mostly from the third world.

So some illegal immigrants, who want to live and work in EU, are now trying to find the easiest airports, to enter.

In Portugal or Spain you can earn 10-20 times more, than in Brazil.

Before the best airport to enter, was in Italy, but for a while now it was Barajas in Madrid.

And once you are inside EU, you are free to travel.

Last month the Spanish authorities send 450 persons from Brazil back.

Some people try many time, before they succeed.

And of course some innocent tourists also get sent back.

I met my wife in Lisboa some years ago; I came from my country and she from Fortaleza.

We had 3 weeks together visiting Portugal, Spain and France.

I came some hours before her flight, and was waiting for her in the airport of Lisboa.

She had an international credit card, some Euros and a return ticket to Brazil.

The immigration officer in Lisboa called me on my cell phone to control her story.

Because she was 45 they did not suspect her for prostitution.

And we had some marvelous 3 weeks together.

Now the Brazilian police (PM) make it more difficult for gringos, visiting or living in Brazil.

The rules for visa and for taking out money on the bank, are getting more ridged.

Some very nice places here, like Canoa Quebrada was since long time a place, for hippies.

Hippies from many countries lived a simple and cheap life, in some paradise places.

You got 3 months visa and than 3 months more.

Like in Goa, India.

But now when PF prefer more organized tourism, the hippie trail can be over.

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