Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nationalism and racism ..

are two things not very far from each other.

The nationalist thinks that his nation is better than other nations.

The racist thinks that his race is better than other races.

I have the luck to have 2 countries that is not extreme, about neither:
Sweden and Brazil.

Hitler thought that he was superior, both in nation (Germany) and race (Aryan) and in other aspects.

And the truth was, that he was neither German nor Aryan and very neurotic.

When he got to power, he tried to erase many races and countries.

And make a new ¨Reich¨ that should last for 1000 years.

A racist can call someone a monkey, in a football match.

And when a soldier gets his gun, he believes that his enemy deserves to die.

The person who needs nationalism or racism to feel good, are poor people.

Some hundred thousands years ago all ¨people¨ lived in small groups with something like 50 – 200 people.

And sometimes had a small ¨war¨ with their neighbors.

Often because of a banal conflict, or shortage of water or food.

And some few got hurt or killed.

Now with modern weapons almost anyone can wipe out a nation or a race.

And some people, races and countries are more aggressive than other.

And will do, what Hitler almost did; destroy a part of the world.

Everybody think they have God and the truth, on their side.

And what will a nuclear power do, when they get their people killed in a conflict?


Henrik said...

Hi there! Missing your writing! Hope everything is OK! -Henrik

paloma said...

Falando de racismo e nacionalismo, nao critique o brasil e nao diga que a gente prefere fotebol e carnaval.
O Brasil nao e Fortaleza o Rio, o resto do pais trabalha. O seu problema e que voce gosta de estar rodeado de gente preguiÇosa.


Bernt Karlsson said...

To Henrik

Everything is OK.
Am maybe going to Sweden for a month or so.

To Paloma

I think that USA and Europe are worse than Brazil, both on racism and nationalism.
And I see outside my window the fishermen working like hell.
I think that people from Brazil are less neurotic than people from the ¨First World¨. said...

Hei Bernt

Always looking into your page. I hope you are just very occupied and that You are OK in Fortaleza !

Best regards, Kjell from Norway

Ch. said...

Molto obrigado. I'm on blogspot too. Swedish. Speak Spanish. Do you work down there?