Monday, March 24, 2008

House in Porto das Dunas 1

My wife is renting houses, flats and cars.

A month ago she received a new house in Porto das Dunas.

Porto das Dunas (or just Dunas) is the praia (beach) closest to Fortaleza, outside the city.

Takes maybe 20-30 minutes with car from the airport or the city.

This house belongs to a Norwegian guy, and is one of five in a big, closed area with a ¨caseiro¨ that takes care of everything around the houses.

The other four houses are almost all the time empty, and the area is very calm.

It is best suited for a family or two.

There are beds for 9 people (170 m²) and lots of bathrooms (suites).

The house is very complete, the way a person from Scandinavia organizes things.

The house is a paradise for people who likes nature and the sea.

But it is not the right place for parties and high music (better Aquaville).

We will rent the house to persons from North Europe, and you will get more details on the house, in next posting.

The afternoon, and the moon raises over Aquaville

One hour later

Early in the morning I take a walk (15 min) to the sea.

On the right side is Aquaville and to the left is the virgin praia.

After Aquaville there are lots of bars and restaurants and condominiums.

And Beach Park, the biggest water park for children in South America (

On the left side beutiful sand dunes.

The view from the praia towards the house. Here is a delta for a river.

The Atlantic Ocean all the way to Africa.

Click for a bigger photo.

And lots of birds (like collibri) and interesting animals.

View from the terrace, in front of the house.
There is one more terrace on the first floor.
A big swimmingpool and a beatiful garden belongs to the area.
More about the house in the next chapter ...


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