Sunday, March 2, 2008

More photos from Beira Mar

The "new" police with good cars and equipment.

Theft of a bicycle ?

Big ships comes and goes.

Early in the morning, people want to buy fresh fish cheap,
direct from the fishermen.

Early company gathering in Iate Plaza

New "boxes" where they sell fish.
Iate Plaza in the background.

Old "boxes" where they sell fish and seafood

Two policemen the old style (PM)

The happy train for small children
A local TV team

Two kiosks, one for the train, the other for papers


Henrik said...

Hi Bernt!
If you move, we have to move also! Hope you find this blogg better for you. I am happy to see that everything is ok with you and your family. Business as usual :-). Unfortunately, I have to postpone my trip to Fortaleza to August this time. My construction project takes much longer time than planned, companies are sending invoices that are 2-3 times the real costs etc. You probably say "what’s new". The construction industry certainly lives up to its reputation! However, I plan to be in Fortaleza from August and hopefully stay 6 months this time. In the mean time I have to be satisfied with all your very nice pictures and texts about our family and life in Fortaleza. So, please continue writing about your daily life and reflections about life in Fortaleza and Brazil! Looking forward to meeting you in August does Fortlaeza-Henrik.

Bernt Karlsson said...

Welcome when you come!